What others say

Organizing Workshops

…I’m so glad and inspired by your great help in assisting us specially in our Organizing Board.  The seed that you are putting in sacrificially will surely bear much fruits in the near future and that will become one of your great joy of accomplishments. Our previous meetings have blown everyone’s mind that we were able to see the big picture of our organization.

Be encouraged that your continued help for us will be a part of our historical foundation. Together, we are laying good foundation for our next generation to follow.

I know for sure that the best is yet to come.

May God richly bless you and make you a blessing to all the nations of the world.


Fred Tomas
Ifugao Association of Canada Incorporated
August 2010


“This meeting was absolutely amazing!  Full of fun and knowledge gaining. Things are now clearer because of this organizing board.  We’re getting there and getting more excited in implementing what we just learned.

Thank you guys for the effort.  Keep it up.”

V. L. – Basics of Organizing Workshop


“Well discussed & well presented, Organization Chart.  Excellent!

We thank you for helping us to come up with this organizational chart. I do believe this would be effective & productive.”

R.C. – Basics of Organizing Workshop


“This activity is informative.  It has made us understand the duties and responsibilities of the positions we are in.  It makes us aware that team work is important too; that we need to work hand-in-hand for the success of an objective or target.  Delegation of work loads is well understood.”

V.A. – Basics of Organizing Workshop


“Although it’s my first time to come to this meeting, I get the big picture of the organization.  I am very willing to help out with the success of the organization.  Thank You.”

E.C. – Basics of  Organizing Workshop

Marketing & Sales Workshop

“This seminar was very helpful.  I got a lot of information on how to talk on the phone;  like be direct to your customers.”

U.K.  – How to Sell More Effectively Workshop

Personnel Engagement Workshop

“My guys are really understanding their work orders, which has greatly cut down on the unwanted situations & hassles.  Also, the office is getting a lot fewer complaints from the customers because the painters are handling situations that come up on the job.  This made the flows open up on delivery of the work and the jobs completing in a more timely manner.  Because of the efficiency going up we are making more money and profits for the company.”

Manager of a home painting business – Success Through Communication Workshop


“The workshop was good.  I like the thing about how to control the customer and control the time when you are doing the job.  I learned how to get the job done, with less time and less headaches and good money.”

S. N. – Success Through Communication Workshop


“The main point for me is the practical acting out that was showing how to deal and solve the problems and conflicts that happen with customers.”

M. S. –  Success Through Communication Workshop