Complimentary Business Consultation

Our trained business consultant(s) will meet with you, at your location, and ask you a series of questions to get more familiar with your business and to get an idea of areas that you may need help with.

There may be easier or more effective and economical ways to overcome the difficulties that businesses often encounter in today’s marketplace.

Find out how these solutions may work for your needs.

Request your Complimentary Business Consultation.


How to Choose the Right People for the Job – Learn the secrets of who will make a good employee; how to avoid hiring bad ones.

Emotions in the Workplace – Do negative emotions in the workplace cause stress and lower productivity.  Learn how to raise the emotional levels of personnel.

Basics of Organizing – Do improperly organized and misunderstood flow lines and job descriptions create confusions and low production output.

Do wasted or unnecessary actions get done resulting in little or no production towards profitability?

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals Setting goals is important, but achieving them without the know-how often ends up in failed actions.

Success Through Communication- Invisible walls can stand in front of the important things that need to get communicated and then create havoc in the workplace or in life.

How to Sell More Effectively - Any advanced selling techniques will not be of value should these basic skills be missing. And only through actual application will they work.

Basics of Personnel Engagement - In the turmoil of the present day economic and business scene how does one get personnel to really be on the job?

Personal Efficiency - If you are overworked or overwhelmed, this is the course for you.  We are partnering with Power Me Up to deliver this workshop to our clients.

Dates and venues to be announced.

On-site delivery of workshops are available to groups, as well.

These workshops can be personalized, with lots of practical application and participation, specific to your group.

Business Coaching & Consulting

Areas include:

  • Tuning up your business to increase production and profit margin
  • Choosing the right person for the job
  • Organizational Structure fine tuning
  • Personnel Engagement and Morale
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Increasing Profitability